Water Security: A Primer

Emma Norman with Karen Bakker, Christina Cook, Gemma Dunn and Diana Allen (March 2010). Water Security: A Primer (Policy Report). Vancouver, BC: UBC Program on Water Governance. (Note: This document represents the first formulation of our Water Security Assessment Framework, which has since been refined and updated).

Version française: La sécurité hydrique: Guide d’introduction

Water Alternatives

Special Issue – Water Alternatives
Themed Section: Water Governance and the Politics of Scale
Guest Editors: Emma Norman, Christina Cook and Karen Bakker

Introduction to the Themed Section: Water governance and the politics of scale
Emma Norman, Karen Bakker and Christina Cook
Water Alternatives 5(1): 52-61                    Abstract | Full Text – PDF

The politics of scaling water governance and adjudication in New Mexico
Eric P. Perramond
Water Alternatives 5(1): 62-82                    Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Toward post-sovereign environmental governance? Politics, scale, and EU Water Framework Directive
Corey Johnson
Water Alternatives 5(1): 83-97                    Abstract | Full Text – PDF

State development and the rescaling of agricultural hydrosocial governance in semi-arid Northwest China
Afton Clarke-Sather
Water Alternatives 5(1): 98-118                  Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Restructuring and rescaling water governance in mining contexts: The co-production of waterscapes in Peru
Jessica Budds and Leonith Hinojosa
Water Alternatives 5(1): 119-137                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Cultural politics and transboundary resource governance in the Salish sea
Emma Norman
Water Alternatives 5(1): 138-160                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Parcelling out the watershed: The recurring consequences of organising Columbia river management within a basin-based territory
Eve Vogel
Water Alternatives 5(1): 161-190                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Water Security: Principles, Perspectives and Practices

Water Security: Principles, Perspectives and Practices

Edited by Bruce Lankford, Karen Bakker, Mark Zeitoun, Declan Conway

The purpose of this book is to present an overview of the latest research, policy, practitioner, academic and international thinking on water security—an issue that, like water governance a few years ago, has developed much policy awareness and momentum with a wide range of stakeholders. As a concept it is open to multiple interpretations, and the authors here set out the various approaches to the topic from different perspectives.

Key themes addressed include:
·         Water security as a foreign policy issue
·         The interconnected variables of water, food, and human security
·         Dimensions other than military and international relations concerns around water security
·         Water security theory and methods, tools and audits.

The book is loosely based on a masters level degree plus a short professional course on water security both given at the University of East Anglia, delivered by international authorities on their subjects. It should serve as an introductory textbook as well as be of value to professionals, NGOs, and policy-makers.

For more details see http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415534710/