Emma Luker

Research interests: Water governance, water resource management, climate change resilience, South Africa

Biography: Emma is a Master of Arts (MA) student in Resource Management and Environmental Studies working under the supervisorship of Drs. Leila Harris and Mark Johnson. Emma graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science (BA&Sc Hons.) in Environmental Studies and International Development from McGill University in 2014. Between her undergraduate and graduate degrees Emma worked in several different professional settings, such as a peace and conflict NGO in Colorado, U.S.A, and a renewable energy consulting company in Yokohama, Japan. She has been awarded an NSERC grant for her graduate research, which will focus on water governance and climate change resilience in Cape Town, South Africa. Emma is currently a member of the EDGES research collaborative, the Program on Water Governance, and the UBC Ecohydro Lab.

Contact: emma.luker[at]alumni.ubc.ca