Graham McDowell

Research Interests:

Environmental change, environmental governance, socio-ecological systems, political ecology, the cryosphere (high mountains and Arctic)


Graham is a PhD student in Resource Management and Environmental Studies at the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at UBC. His doctoral research––co-supervised by Drs. Leila Harris ad Michele Koppes––engages with the question: What are the key processes and implications of environmental change in high mountain regions, and what strategies enable these changes to be negotiated in ways that are attentive to both human well-being and ecological resilience? Prior to coming to UBC, Graham led environmental change assessments in the Nepal Himalaya, Rocky Mountains, Greenland, and the Canadian Arctic as well as numerous global-scale evaluations of environmental change impacts and adaptation. He holds an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from Oxford University and an Honours degree in Geography from McGill University.


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