Dr. Christina Cook

Biography: Christina completed her doctoral studies in Resource Management and Environmental Studies in December 2011. Her dissertation was entitled, Putting the pieces together: Tracing fragmentation in Ontario water governance. As of January 2012, she is a Research Associate in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pathology at UBC. She works at the BC Centre for Disease Control on an interdisciplinary project regarding the development and regulation of molecular tests for drinking and source water.

Christina joined PoWG in 2007. The main focus of her work at PoWG has been the water security project, to which she continues to contribute. Christina has also worked on “Water in Canada” project on municipal water governance and delegated governance.

Prior to commencing her doctoral studies, she practiced corporate law at a large full service western Canadian firm. Subsequently, she has worked on project finance in the resources sector in the Middle East. Christina has a B.Sc. in Biology (British Columbia) and an LL.B. (Victoria). At the Program on Water Governance she has worked on the Municipal Water Supply Infrastructure Governance in Canada project funded in part by Infrastructure Canada. Other research during her doctoral studies has included: Canada’s Species at Risk Act, at the Commission for Environmental Cooperation in Montreal and insurance and climate risk management. Christina is a member of the PoWG team working on the Canadian Water Network funded Water Security Framework project.

Peer-Reviewed Published and In Process

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Book Reviews

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Policy Reports

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Contact: clcook@alumni.ubc.ca