Megan Peloso



Megan is a MA student working under the supervision of Dr. Leila Harris at IRES.  She is also a member of the EDGES research collaborative (Environment and Development: Gender, Equity and Sustainability), the Program on Water Governance, and a steering committee member of the student-run initiative IDRN (International Development Research Network).  The focus of her thesis research is on water access and participatory governance in urban Ghana, where she conducted fieldwork in the summer of 2012.  Megan holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honors in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa (2009)

Current Projects:

Gender Implications of Putting a Price on Water (Current): A joint project based out of the National Network on Environment and Women’s Health (NNEWH) at York University (York team led by Dayna Nadine Scott) and IRES-UBC (Leila Harris), funded by SSHRC and WEPGN.

Past Projects:

Water Alternatives Workshop: Special Issue – Informal Space in the Urban Waterscape (Dec 2012): UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft, Netherlands


Peloso, M. and C. Morinville. 2014. ‘Chasing for Water’: Everyday practices of water access in peri-urban Ashaiman, Ghana. Water Alternatives. 7(1): 121-139.

Anderson, E., Findlater, K.M., Freeman, O.E., Levine, L., Morinville, C., Peloso, M., Rodina, L., Singh, G., Tesfamichael, D., Harris, L. and Zerriffi, H. (2012). Bridging Disciplinary and Professional Divides to Improve International Development Research at Universities. Sustainable Development at Universities: New Horizons. W. Leal Filho. Frankfurt, Peter Lang Publishers: 753-770.

Contact: mmpeloso [at] gmail [dot] com.