Water Security: A Primer

Emma Norman with Karen Bakker, Christina Cook, Gemma Dunn and Diana Allen (March 2010). Water Security: A Primer (Policy Report). Vancouver, BC: UBC Program on Water Governance. (Note: This document represents the first formulation of our Water Security Assessment Framework, which has since been refined and updated).

Version française: La sécurité hydrique: Guide d’introduction

Water Alternatives

Special Issue – Water Alternatives
Themed Section: Water Governance and the Politics of Scale
Guest Editors: Emma Norman, Christina Cook and Karen Bakker

Introduction to the Themed Section: Water governance and the politics of scale
Emma Norman, Karen Bakker and Christina Cook
Water Alternatives 5(1): 52-61                    Abstract | Full Text – PDF

The politics of scaling water governance and adjudication in New Mexico
Eric P. Perramond
Water Alternatives 5(1): 62-82                    Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Toward post-sovereign environmental governance? Politics, scale, and EU Water Framework Directive
Corey Johnson
Water Alternatives 5(1): 83-97                    Abstract | Full Text – PDF

State development and the rescaling of agricultural hydrosocial governance in semi-arid Northwest China
Afton Clarke-Sather
Water Alternatives 5(1): 98-118                  Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Restructuring and rescaling water governance in mining contexts: The co-production of waterscapes in Peru
Jessica Budds and Leonith Hinojosa
Water Alternatives 5(1): 119-137                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Cultural politics and transboundary resource governance in the Salish sea
Emma Norman
Water Alternatives 5(1): 138-160                Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Parcelling out the watershed: The recurring consequences of organising Columbia river management within a basin-based territory
Eve Vogel
Water Alternatives 5(1): 161-190                Abstract | Full Text – PDF