Resources & Publications

List of useful background resources and publications from the SSHRC funded ‘Building the Next Generation of Community-based Researchers (“The NextGen project”), a partnership between the UNESCO Chair in CBR and Social Responsibility in Higher Education and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability.

A complete set of resources is available via the UNESCO website:

1. Video Collection of Training in Community Based Research

This unique resource guide provides a summary of videos on key topic areas related to teaching and training materials for Community Based Research from around the world. A selection of 68 videos were selected as video training materials, falling into six pedagogical themes including: Ethics & Values, Multiple Modes of Inquiry, Researcher as a Facilitator, Power & Partnerships, Balancing Classroom & Field, and a more General category.

2. Annotated Bibliography: Training in Community Based Research (CBR): Water Governance

This annotated bibliography includes literature from different countries and regions on the subject of CBR and water governance, with a particular focus on training. The selected literature is categorized within five closely linked typologies, including: 1. Training in Community Based Research in Water Governance; 2. Citizen Science and Water Governance; 3. Participatory Water Governance; 4. Training in Formal Education Programs using Participatory and Community Based Research; and 5. Training in Participatory Research Models for Civil Society and Practitioners.

3. Global Thematic Review on Training in CBR: Water Governance

This report presents a literature review and analysis of teaching and training materials in CBR with a focus on water governance. It also provides a typology of relevant training modalities, and a selection of several training programs as illustrative ‘best practice’ examples.

4. Global Thematic Review on Training in CBR: Indigenous Research Methodologies 

(Partner: University of Victoria)

5. Global Thematic Review on Training in CBR: Asset-based development 

(Partner: Coady Institute)

6. Global Thematic Review on Training in CBR: Governance and Citizenship

(Partner: PRIA)

7. Global Thematic Review on Training in CBR: Indigenous People and Perspectives from Latin America

(Partner: University of Victoria)

8. Workshop report: Community-Based Research and Water

(Partner: Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies)

9. Training the Next Generation of Community Based Researchers: A Guide for Trainers

10. Open-source free book on ‘Knowledge & Engagement: Building Capacity for the Next Generation of Community Based Researchers’

11. Open-access repository for studies, curricular materials, course modules, conference findings and policy recommendations, hosted by University of Victoria Library.